Black Milk / The Sky’s The Limit

Black Milk trickled into existence in 2009, when designer James Lillis with a sewing machine and measure of stretch fabric resolved to teach himself how to sew and in the process to create “insane” leggings. Originating from his view leg wear could have higher impact in fashion, Lillis endeavored to create leggings with kick for girls with an equally strong attitude.

Through his blog Too Many Tights Lillis presents the good and the bad fashion has to offer, all while exposing himself to the views and desires of the legging wearing public. This level of research paid off as a fan base developed and Cage -a chain wrapped legging design by Black Milk became a minor cult success.

Now a leading designer legging brand, this month sees Black Milk move out of its at-home workshop and into it’s first commercial premises. With the labels current hit, The Galaxy Collection, it is plain to see why. The style featuring original NASA imagery digitally printed onto luxe stretch fabric formed into sexy cut leggings is quite literally out of this world. Available in four colour-ways I opted for the rainbow version and have received a bounty of compliments with every wear (among the obligatory tonge in cheek mentions of Uranus). The design also features in Black Milk’s growing swimwear/bodysuit collection. To see these and more visit Black Milk.

Rainbow Galaxy Legging by Black Milk, AUD 70.00

Purple Galaxy Legging by Black Milk, AUD 70.00

Red Galaxy Legging by Black Milk, AUD 70.00



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