True Colours / Swatch

Some time ago I declared an amnesty on the colour black and banished the offending hue from my wardrobe. For no particular reason an urge to experiment and visit a look void of reliable, trusty and safe -black, gripped me. Partly inspired by the notion of colours effect on emotion and spirit. Partly just for fun. With this I decided for the period of one year to live in Technicolor and remove all black items from my daily wear.

The result proved positive, I took relish in putting together an outfit absent of the common staple black. My ability to match and compliment colour grew (a skill I rely on today). Colleagues and friends responded enthusiastically to my new vivid look. A look which requires work, it is easy to fall into children’s TV presenter territory if adorned in copious colour, or equally to appear frumpy if colours are overly matched. In the end I could not suggest a rainbow hued lifestyle has the power to lift spirit or disposition, but would maybe go as far as saying it radiated an amount of joy into my life and my appreciation for colour in it’s endless facets grips me still. I would even go so far as to say everyone should try a similar experiment, even for a short time.

Although I now wear black on a frequent basis, this is almost always injected with a punch of colour. Recently Swatches Lady Collection came to my attention, an ideal accessory for adding a hint of colour to an outfit. These minimalist timepieces have the added twist of a double length strap, to be wrapped around the wrist. Available in ten shades, I am struggling to choose just one favorite.

The Lady Collection Watch by Swatch GBP 30.00
L-R (top): Arctic Sea, Original, Soft Sky, Limetta, Honey Melon, Green Trace,
L-R (bottom): Miss Cassis, Cool Breeze, Delight Dream, Berry Sorbet



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